Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics
Understand the Story Behind Your HCM Data and Make Informed Decisions

Talent Analytics

Talent Acquisition leaders have learned that recruiting analytics are essential to making informed decisions and optimizing their talent acquisition processes. As with any Analytics initiative, complexity exist when data resides in many internal and external data sources. We work with Talent Acquisition leaders to consolidate their Talent Acquisition data across all internal and/or external data sources, and provide timely and accurate Talent Acquisition analytics. 

The result is the ability to interact with data, measure performance, gain meaningful insights, and make better-informed Talent Acquisition decisions. To learn more about our approach, experience, and how we add value to your Talent Acquisition function, contact us to set up an exploratory meeting.

What is the business value?

Where should we invest?

What is wrong with our current process?

These are common questions organizations ask themselves before embarking on major Talent Analytics initiatives.  It helps to have a trusted advisor who knows the Talent Acquisition and Business Intelligence space to help ensure the success of your Talent Acquisition Analytics initiative.

As experts in Business Analytics and Talent Acquisition subject matter experts, Messina Group brings valuable insight and can work with your organization in a number of ways to ensure you have a plan for success.

Clarity Workshop

The Clarity Workshop is a 1/2- to 1-day collaborative session with Messina Group’s Talent Acquisition and Analytics experts to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Metrics, related pain points, and solution opportunities for your organization.

Strategic Workshop

The Talent Analytics Roadmap Workshop is a 1- to 3-week engagement focused on aligning Analytics capabilities with your Talent Acquisition objectives.

Platform Selection

We facilitate the selection of Business Intelligence and other platform solutions (e.g., Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)) to help you streamline your Talent Acquisition process and empower you to make data-driven decisions.

With the power of Talent Analytics, we can implement effective workforce solutions.

Messina Group has elevated our Talent Acquisition practice through a consulting lens, utilizing our skills and experience in People, Process and Technology. We can bring a comprehensive approach to your organization’s specific challenges.

Looking to optimize your HCM process?