Tactical Supply Planner Placed for Global Silicates, Silicas, and Derivative Products Provider

Our Talent advisors were engaged to fill a Tactical Supply Planner role to occupy the very center of our client’s supply chain by coordinating all tactical planning with the execution of manufacturing/operations functions, as well as transitioning strategic plans into their tactical planning window. The individual will play a key role in the company’s Integrated Business Management process by working closely with manufacturing and operations to ensure the objectives of the Supply Review, Integrated Reconciliation Review, and Management Business Review are met.

Client Profile

Our client is a producer of silicate, zeolite, and other performance materials serving the detergent, pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, catalyst, water treatment, construction, and beverage markets. It is a global enterprise operating in 19 countries on five continents.

Our Approach

Our Talent Advisor found a candidate who was a key MRP planning core team member of a SAP and JDA systems integration project and had experience forecasting over 7,000 SKUs across 10 product lines and three plants.

Client Impact

Our client had precise requirements for this role. Our Talent Advisor found a fantastic candidate with highly relevant experience in a directly related field. They were thrilled with their new Tactical Supply Planner and grateful for our team’s efficiency and dedication that went into filling this role.
PQ Corporation