Portfolio operations analyst working at a private equity portfolio company to represent this placement spotlight

Portfolio Operations Analyst Placed for Lower Mid-Market Private Equity Firm

Our Talent Advisors were engaged to fill a Portfolio Operations Analyst role to work within the firm’s operations team throughout the deal cycle of each portfolio company to evaluate and improve company performance in partnership with management. This position was created to provide leadership and focus in the area of data analytics.

Client Profile

Our client takes a focused approach to investing and a hands-on operating philosophy to help grow and improve the profitability of each of its portfolio companies. Seeking to achieve well-defined goals with their partners by identifying and supporting growth opportunities and assisting with operational improvements, they focus on building solid relationships with proven management teams who share their commitment to integrity, professionalism, achievement, growth, and success in business.

Our Approach

Our team identified a skilled professional with a strong background in finance, supply chain, and procurement who worked in a technical framework that allowed them to hone advisory and consultative skills through their work with U.S. Federal Agencies in the adoption of AI and automation technologies.

Client Impact

Our client established a pivotal role at the crossroads of Business and Technology, aiming to find an Analyst proficient in both domains—someone capable of grasping business requirements and devising IT solutions accordingly. The scope of this role encompassed diverse initiatives, such as establishing or enhancing metrics and key performance indicators across portfolio companies, as well as developing robust data capabilities to facilitate timely, data-informed decision-making throughout the organization.
Working closely with the private equity (PE) firm, our team prioritized their objectives and identified a resource adept at executing value-creation activities, with a particular emphasis on technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, and cybersecurity. In just eight months, the Analyst showcased exceptional value, prompting a well-deserved promotion to a senior-level position. In this elevated role, they continue to make significant contributions to the PE firm and its portfolio companies.
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