Pharmaceutical Quality Control Chemist Placed for Raw Materials, Fatty Acids, and Glycerin Manufacturer

Our Talent Advisors were engaged to fill a Pharmaceutical Quality Control Chemist role to lead our client in the development of their API QC laboratory and play a significant role in support of our client’s strategy for pharmaceutical ingredients (Active and Excipients) and bring knowledge and expertise to running a new pharma QC lab and the standards that go with it.

Client Profile

Our client is North America’s most trusted supplier and world-class manufacturer of fatty acids and glycerin, proudly offering products derived from natural raw materials, fatty acids, and glycerin, all of which are used in everyday applications.

Our Approach

Our Talent Advisors found a Quality Control Professional with a background in pharmaceutical products and chemical entities. With core competencies in performing powder characterizations of raw materials, excipients, and APIs. The candidate also possessed extensive experience designing experiments to support the large-scale manufacturing process of pharmaceutical products alongside his excellent communication and adaptability skills.

Client Impact

our client had a specific need and partnered with Messina to successfully fill their opening in a timely manner. They sought out our Talent Advisors expertise in Lab and Scientific staffing to find a candidate with API expertise and a strong Quality Control background. Our Talent Advisors were able to find a fantastic candidate obtaining all the required skills coupled with advanced instrumentation techniques and leadership abilities.
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