Sales Operations Specialist Placed for Nationwide Provider of Smart Parking Solutions

Our Talent Advisors were engaged to fill a Sales Operations Specialist role to elevate our client’s sales team to the next level by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales processes.

Client Profile

Our client has been offering parking solutions for innovative municipalities nationwide. Their technology has put Smart Meters, data management, and complex analytics at customers’ fingertips for over 20 years. Their wireless solutions can integrate with existing infrastructure and third-party applications to form powerful systems. With innovative solutions to manage the evolving needs of urban life, our client is leading the charge in the smart cities revolution.

Our Approach

Our Talent Advisors began this partnership by assisting our client in developing a proper job description, as this was a newly created role for their organization. Once the expectations for this role were established, our Advisory team committed to finding talent at varying levels of experience to give our client several well-qualified candidates for consideration to help them better determine the best fit for their sales team. In less than five weeks, we allowed our client to interview several candidates with diverse skill sets and make an offer, which was immediately accepted.

Client Impact

Our Advisors identified a candidate who was able to immediately impact the organization, as their experience enabled them to collaborate directly with sales, marketing, and customer success to increase productivity, communication, and revenue. Along with their existing skills, this candidate showcased a strong desire for an opportunity to continue to learn and grow professionally and personally and develop a long-term career with our client.

Our client was extremely impressed and grateful for our Talent Advisors assistance in this process. Our partnership allowed them to properly determine what they wanted and needed to create and fill this opening successfully, and they were thrilled with the efficiency in which we handled the search and placement.
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