Maintenance Technician Placed for Global Silicates, Silicas, and Derivative Products Provider

Our Talent Advisors filled a Maintenance Technician role to serve as an essential aspect of production by troubleshooting issues with manufacturing equipment and performing preventative maintenance to maintain smooth and efficient plant operation.

Client Profile

Our client produces chemical components used in a wide variety of consumer goods and industrial processes. Their products have many applications, including cleansing impurities in edible oils and beer, creating a “matte” effect in coatings, and functioning as whitening agents in toothpaste. They are vehemently committed to sustainability and dedicated to innovating environmentally-friendly chemical solutions.

Our Approach

Our team conducted an extensive search to identify a candidate with a vast experience performing industrial maintenance in manufacturing environments. In previous roles, this candidate had worked for producers of construction aggregates and aluminum-based products, providing him with knowledge of similar types of rotating equipment, pipefitting, pumps, valves, and welding techniques used in our client’s facility. He was also an industry standout, with excellent tenure in his previous positions, unique dedication to and expertise in his field, and a gregarious personality.

Client Impact

Our client was seeking a seasoned maintenance professional and had a vacancy in their maintenance department for months prior to working with Messina Talent. They sought a machinist with a background in chemical manufacturing or a related field. We found an excellent candidate with fifteen years of experience working on manufacturing equipment used in an adjacent industry. They were happy to welcome their new Maintenance Technician, who made an enthusiastic and knowledgeable addition to their team and is currently still happily employed.
PQ Corporation