An Embedded Software Engineer working.

Embedded Software Engineer Placed for Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

Our Talent Advisors were engaged to fill an Embedded Software Engineer role to work with the company’s software engineer organization to implement and develop user-space Linux applications for ARM-based target environments. This required the ability to interact with, understand, and debug Linux applications, work with Linux kernel and POSIX interfaces, and provide strong Linux development knowledge.

Client Profile

Our client has been a pioneer in fitness equipment, innovating across cardio equipment, connected consoles, digital content, and connected strength equipment.

Our Approach

Our Talent Advisors found an embedded Linux systems expert for this immediate need for talent in a pinpointed search that was completed quickly and efficiently. Our Advisors provided several excellent candidates for interviews so that our client was able to choose the very best possible one.

Client Impact

Our client had a specific and urgent need in the embedded Linux space and partnered with our Advisors to acquire the best possible incumbent. Our Talent Advisors provided several strong candidates for our client to choose from in a matter of days. Our client was excited to be able to hire the best candidate from the role amongst several strong contenders and the chosen candidate did an excellent job on their Linux application user-space implementation and development project.
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