Director of Operations Placed for Confection Company

Our Talent Advisors were engaged to fill a Director of Operations role to lead Operations for a high volume manufacturing firm to help them achieve their aggressive growth goals.

Client Profile

Our client is a 100+ year old confection company that has achieved steady growth through the sales of their well-known candies. The company was purchased by a Private Equity firm with goals for explosive growth via new distribution channels as well as acquisition.

Our Approach

This search was confidential and the need was urgent to find the right fit candidate who possessed the food manufacturing experience needed, combined with the soft skills and culture fit to successfully help the company achieve its growth goals – both in the factory and in the Board Room.

We worked closely with the CEO to outline the unique profile for this role and employed an efficient, stringent, multi-step vetting process to filter each candidate. This included both phone and video interviews to screen the top candidates prior to presenting them to the CEO for consideration, saving the CEO countless hours.

118 job applications were pared down to four highly-vetted semi-finalist candidates, then two solid finalists were ready for the CEO to choose between to make the job offer.

Client Impact

Prior to coming to us, the CEO and his Board had exhausted their personal networks trying to find the right candidate for this role. Despite their strong industry connections, finding the right fit for this position had proven too challenging to achieve on their own.

Our CEO client was thrilled that we were able to successfully find the right candidate with strong experience in food manufacturing, packaging, vendor management, and rapid growth – that would gel well with their team. The new Director of Operations is now in place, just in time to start the client’s new Fiscal Year.
Piedmont Candy Company*