ACL Consultant Placed for Business Services Company

Our Talent Advisors were engaged to fill an Audit Command Language Consulting role for our client. This role required developing scripts using ACL for the Account Payable and Audit teams to assist with the monitoring and testing of invoice entry transactions and the analysis of vendor data. The scope of the project extended to include all corporate operations across the globe.

Client Profile

Our client is a global leader in providing insurance, risk management, and business consulting services and is actively acquiring new business partners.

Our Approach

Our client has a long history of successfully bringing other businesses under their umbrella and sought to hire an ACL Consultant as a preventative measure to avoid duplicate invoice and payroll payment and fraud. We interviewed and vetted many candidates on our client’s behalf. Following our stringent process, we provided our client with a shortlist of highly qualified candidates to consider for final interviews.

“After” Business Value Creation

With our proven process, Messina helped our client fill this consultant role quickly and efficiently to assist our client with the development of continuous data monitoring tools using ACL to provide efficiencies in their processes while preventing fraud. The consultant excelled in the design and implementation of scripts that included employee testing, system access, and fraud detection involving various operations. He built strategic partnerships with his on-site as well as offshore business partners by meeting deadlines and maintaining strong lines of communication, adding significant value to our client’s team.