Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruiting Process Outsourcing Overview

Hiring great talent in a timely manner is critical to realizing your growth plans. As business leaders, we strive to put our teams in position to succeed. That's where Messina's Recruiting Process Outsourcing Solutions can help.

We work with you to overcome your Talent Acquisition pain points. Whether it's recruiting bandwidth, streamlined processes, a leading recruiting Tech Stack, or analytics that provide meaningful insights, our comprehensive RPO Solutions decrease your Time-to-Hire and Cost-per-Hire.

Proven Experience

Our RPO Solutions are the result of Messina’s 30+ years of experience in the Talent Acquisition industry. We developed a proven Talent Acquisition playbook based on Recruiting Best Practices and streamlined processes, industry leading Talent Acquisition technology and enablement tools, and Talent Acquisition KPIs and metrics.

Custom Solutions

Messina’s RPO Solutions are tailored to fit your needs and allow you the flexibility to ramp up or ramp down your Talent Acquisition and technology resources. Depending on each client’s unique needs, solutions we routinely provide, include a fractional recruiter or team of five recruiters on an interim basis, comprehensive recruiting Tech Stack or select technology components, and access to additional job boards or insights from recruiting KPIs.

Faster, More Efficient Hiring

Messina Talent Advisors helps our clients find the right blend of people, process, technology, and analytics capabilities and lower both your Time-to-Hire and Cost-per-Hire.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing Solutions

Fractional RPO:

Ramp up or ramp down with dedicated Talent Acquisition specialists on demand. Whether you require a whole recruiting team or single recruiter on a fractional basis, we can help. If needed, our recruiting Tech Stack will add value to your entire Talent Acquisition team.

Total RPO:

Outsource your entire Talent Acquisition function to Messina. We provide a turnkey approach comprised of an industry leading recruiting Tech Stack and advanced analytics and metrics.

Recruiting Tech-Stack:

Messina Talent Advisors provides your Talent Acquisition team with a leading turnkey Recruiting Tech Stack. We leveraged our 30 years of experience in Talent Acquisition to architect and build an industry leading recruiting platform. We help your Talent Acquisition team increase their productivity and efficiency with our integrated Tech Stack, which includes an ATS, recruiting enablement tools, and Advanced Analytics. Contact us to see how our Tech Stack can improve your team’s production.

RPO Analytics:

Data provides meaningful insights to your Talent Acquisition process. We help our clients understand where the bottlenecks are and measure the effectiveness of their Talent Acquisition process. We customize and share your Talent Acquisition dashboards so all stakeholders can understand your Talent Acquisition processes and develop ideas to improve your new hire forecast.

Are you ready to supercharge your Talent Acquisition function?