Direct Hire

Direct Hire Overview

Messina Talent Advisors use their knowledge, consultative approach, and large professional networks to fill your direct hire job openings. We have demonstrated the ability to meet hiring demands throughout all company personnel levels for several decades. From strategic executive-level roles to associate-level positions to entry level opportunities, we utilize our experience to source, technically and interpersonally screen, and place the professionals best suited for your team.

Our exclusive, white-glove service offers you the most efficient way to discreetly and thoroughly vet candidates. While you stay focused on your day-to-day duties, we handle the hiring necessary to grow your team. We start by introducing qualified professionals for your consideration and proceed to setting up interviews, checking references, negotiating compensation, and providing valuable feedback … even after candidates start.

Messina Group Places Vice President of Sales for North America

Direct Hire Specializations

Lab & Scientific

Quality Engineers
Analytical Chemists
Formulation Chemists
Regulatory Specialists
Lab Technicians
Project Managers
and more…

Finance & Accounting

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
Financial Analysts
ACL Consultants
ERP Specialists
Business Analysts
and more…

Engineering & Architectural

CAD Specialists
Project Managers
Quality Engineers
Firmware Engineers
and more…

Project Management

ERP Project Management Consultant
Engineering Project Manager
Program Manager
IT Infrastructure Manager
PMO Consultant
Change Management Consultant
Business Analyst
and more…

Sales & Marketing

Sales Representatives
Marketing Director
Graphic Designer
Website Designer
UI/UX Consultant
Project Manager
and more…

Information Technology

Application Development
IT Help Desk Support
Salesforce Consultant
BI & Analytics Consultant
Data Scientist
IT Project Manager
Change Management
and more…

Our Search Process

The road to a successful search begins with a well-planned search initiation.

Our Search Process has evolved over many years and is now a fine-tuned proven approach that delivers quality search results.  We are process and analytics driven, helping our clients hire highly-qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. 

Search Initiation

  • Assess client organization and job position
  • Meet with key client constituents
  • Confirm core competencies for the role
  • Develop search plan
  • Execute research
  • Establish and measure weekly search KPIs and metrics

Screening & Interviewing

  • Initiate candidate outreach and qualification assessment
  • Situational and competency-based interviews
  • Develop and prioritize top candidates
  • Review Search KPIs with client and analyze results

Candidate Selections

  • Establish candidate meeting
  • Debrief competency evaluation and leap assessment results with client
  • Review feedback to determine finalists
  • Conduct in-depth referencing around critical competencies and background checks
  • Offer negotiations and candidate counseling

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